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At long last!  Finished!

[A Cid/Shera fan Soundtrack]

A 10-song fan soundtrack to support my favorite (and now canon) 'ship from Final Fantasy VII, that of Cid Highwind and the oft-overlooked and badmouthed shy engineering assistant, Shera.  With Square-Enix making their relationship official with their marriage in Dirge of Cerberus, I figured it was time to get off my duff and celebrate about it.  Only took me months and months to pick songs, and then have to deal with no speakers so I couldn't check the songs I needed to DL.  Technically there are 8 songs with two being a sort of 'theme song' for each character.  Yes, I listen to old music.  Don't like it?  Make your own damned FST.  Songs are uploaded to Mediafire in .mp3 format and should be properly tagged.  If anything expires let me know and I'll reupload.  Oh, and this is of no affiliation to fst or the like.  I'm just your average fantard.  :B  With that having been said;

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