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ain't nobody's business if I bark like a dog;

[a Jet Black fan soundtrack]

More proof that I need a job and to see sunlight more!  It is with a heavy dose of nerdy pride that I present my second FST; a fan soundtrack for Jet Black, from the anime Cowboy Bebop - coincidentally enough my favorite character on the show since the beginning.  Ten songs of a not-so-varying genre (read: classic rock and blues) that I've either used in conjunction with drawings or graphics, or in RP of Jet.  Either way, they all remind me of Jet or some aspect of the Black Dog's personality and past.  Yes, I listen to 'weird' music.  Don't like it?  Make yer own damn FST.  Songs are uploaded to Mediafire in .mp3 format and should be properly tagged and such.  This is also of no affiliation with fst or the like.  I'm just your average fantard.  :B  With that having been said:

Eric Clapton - I Shot the Sheriff  [lyrics]

Ever since that fateful run-in with Udai after being set up by his former partner Fad, Jet ... well ... he's had a less than stellar admiration for the law.  Having witnessed how rotten the system is from top to bottom firsthand, he knows there's no room for a Good Cop in 2071.  While most of his old pals on the force regard the legendary Black Dog with an almost reverent awe, there are more than a few 'Sheriff John Browns' who'd like to see this one decent lawman put out of their misery.

Led Zeppelin - Black Dog  [lyrics]
The real-life song that inspired the fictional Jet's moniker.  Odd, considering the song has an entirely different connotation than the one behind why he's called Black Dog.  Aside from the song inspiring visuals of high speed dogfights, there are times when Jet wouldn't mind considering giving up the hero routine and focusing his sights on something else other than a bounty; namely a pretty lady or two.  (Especially on those days where he can't help but want to quote that infamous line from Lethal Weapon:  'I'm gettin' too old for this shit.')

Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band - Against the Wind  [lyrics]
The quintessential Jet song, in my mind.  It sums up Jet's life in one neat little plaintively-sung package.  He'll never give up fighting that current, despite those moments where he wishes he was just some young little upstart newbie beat cop again, full of promise and nowhere near as bitter about the ways of the world and with a beautiful girl to come home to.  Funny how life works out in the end.

Lynyrd Skynyrd - Simple Man  [lyrics]
While this holds the distinction of being the title to the first Jet-centric Bebop fic I ever wrote (no matter how horrible), the lyrics of being an honest-to-goodness decent human being mirror how Jet prefers to live.  He's just an old-fashioned guy in a new-fangled world.

Bob Dylan - Rollin' and Tumblin' [lyrics]
Good GOD, does the insanity ever stop?  If it's not one problem it's another.  "Life's not one thing after another, it's the same damn thing over and over."  Can't a guy ever get a damn break around here?

Traffic - Dear Mr. Fantasy  [lyrics]
"I cook for them, I clean for them, I repair their ships, and I listen to their sob stories.  What thanks do I get?  The smallest damn fanbase in the universe."  From an old drawing of Jet I did way back when, it pretty much mirrors the daily mess that Jet's come to love as his oddball family.  If he's not giving Spike a fatherly pep-talk or enduring Faye's grief about botching a hunt, he's up to his elbows in mechanical bits fixing one irritating malfunction or another or taking shit for his cooking.  Jet's just Mother Hen Extrordinaire.  Sure he'll bare his teeth and growl about it for a while, but you know deep down he's just a big ol' soft lug.

Bruce Springsteen - Dancin' in the Dark  [lyrics]
More pining for lost youth and a little excitement that doesn't entail bullets flying in his direction.  Bah.  Kids these days.  Don't know how lucky they got it.

Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers - Even the Losers  [lyrics]
Sure, he's not the badboy hero everyone loves.  (Spike already had that part in his contract.)  But every so often Jet gets to feel like he did back when he thought he could save the 'verse with his badge and play the Big Damn Hero.  And maybe, just maybe, if he gets lucky, he'll actually get credit for it this time.

Neil Young - Old Man  [lyrics]
Okay, so maybe nostalgia gets the better of him every now and again (only every damn time he closes his eyes).  But back when the Black Dog was just a Young Pup, he would have laughed hysterically if he were told just what would become of him in the future.  Sometimes Jet would like to think that his younger self would kick his ass so hard he'd be sittin' funny for a week.  When'd he get so tired and run down?  When'd he turn into one of those world-weary old men who desperately cling to some forgotten shred of a long-gone era?  ... and where in the hell did all his hair go?!  For shit's sake he had to shave every day since he was 14!  What sort of sick joke is this?!

The Seatbelts - Autumn in Ganymede [instrumental]
You really think I'd let a Jet FST slide without a nod to the incredibly stellar music of the original show?  Pph!  A deep sort of slow groove, it's a perfect song for Jet - and hey, look at that, it IS a Jet song!  Go figure.

disclaimer:  Images for the covers are from the general interwebs, with splatter brushes provided by ewanisim.  Songs are used without the owner's permission and are for preview basis only, blah blah blah.  Jet's not mine either. *dramatic fanthing sigh here*  I can barely keep myself in cigs and booze and my MMO subscriptions paid for.  Plz 2 not b sueing me.

random factoid:  Originally I had planned for the song 'My Dog Can't Bark' by Muddy Waters to appear on here, but good luck trying to find it on the internet.  And it ain't exactly like I can rip the song off the CASSETTE I've got it on.  This annoys me greatly.  Stupid internet failed me.

Originally posted May 16th, 2007. Re-posted to keep it behind my friends-only banner. What, I'm not anal or anything.
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