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At long last!  Finished!

[A Cid/Shera fan Soundtrack]

A 10-song fan soundtrack to support my favorite (and now canon) 'ship from Final Fantasy VII, that of Cid Highwind and the oft-overlooked and badmouthed shy engineering assistant, Shera.  With Square-Enix making their relationship official with their marriage in Dirge of Cerberus, I figured it was time to get off my duff and celebrate about it.  Only took me months and months to pick songs, and then have to deal with no speakers so I couldn't check the songs I needed to DL.  Technically there are 8 songs with two being a sort of 'theme song' for each character.  Yes, I listen to old music.  Don't like it?  Make your own damned FST.  Songs are uploaded to Mediafire in .mp3 format and should be properly tagged.  If anything expires let me know and I'll reupload.  Oh, and this is of no affiliation to fst or the like.  I'm just your average fantard.  :B  With that having been said;

Steve Winwood - Higher Love  [ lyrics ]
I tried desperately to avoid any sort of obvious connections to space/flying/the sky, but I had to let a few slip in.  This one makes the list because let's face it, deep down under that gruff exterior, we all know Cid's a bit of a sap.  He hasn't really let anyone get close to him before Cloud and company showed up, and while he might not be the type to sigh and pine for a love of his own, he does indeed wonder when his is gonna show up.

Melissa Etheridge - I'm the Only One  [  lyrics ]
Because, honestly, of all the women in the world, it takes a special type to be able to tolerate Cid (especially when he's in a mood).  And it just so happens that Shera's that type of woman.  Sure she's quiet and reserved and wouldn't hurt a mouse, but she's got the strength it takes to push back in her own quiet unobtrusive way, and the sense to give in sometimes and just let the old man blow off some steam.

U2 - All Because of You  [ lyrics ]
Every plane has to come back down to earth some time, and Shera's become the beacon that Cid uses to find his way home.  He knows he's not exactly sunshine and rainbows to deal with, but it's all he knows, and maybe old dogs can learn new tricks.

Bruce Springsteen - Secret Garden  [ lyrics ]
She's still a woman, soft-spoken or no, and Cid's gonna have to wander around confused for a little bit until he figures this whole relationship thing out.  Lucky for him Shera's not the type to play hard-to-get.  (Not all the time, anyway.)

Van Morrison - Tupelo Honey  [ lyrics ]
You think I'd really let it slip without one reference to tea in here?  Ppsh.  Honey and a splash of milk, that's how Cid likes his tea.  And with Shera, the world's a little sweeter.

Heart - What About Love  [ lyrics ]
Every couple needs some sort of hokey ballad to relate to.  And while Shera might not be caught lip-syching to the song into a wrench while she's off working, sometimes she wonders just how dense Cid can be about his feelings.  I mean, really.  Sure he's a man so he's innately dense, but does she gotta resort to grabbing him by his collar and spelling it out for him?

Kenny Wayne Shepherd - Somehow, Somewhere, Some Way  [ lyrics ]
The ultimate song to explain Cid's feelings.  Sure he's grumpy and callous and a downright pain in the ass, but when he sets his mind to something he doesn't rest until he accomplishes it.  Now that he's been all over the Planet, helped save the world, and been into outer space, he's finally got his sights set on the woman who's stuck by him through thick and thin.  Sure it took the world nearly ending for the realization to conk him on the head and knock some sense into him, but he's not gonna stop until Shera's his.  Boy is she in for a surprise.

Dave Matthews Band - Satellite  [ lyrics ]
Who's the king of your satellite castle?  If it were up to Cid he'd be on the Highwind 24/7/365 with Shera at his side, a king with his queen free of the worries that come with life on the ground.

Pink Floyd - Learning to Fly (Cid's theme)  [ lyrics ]
For a long time Cid didn't even pay a lick of attention to the world around him, so fixated he was on getting into outer space.  Some times he felt so out of place on the ground.  With an airship thrumming beneath his feet and the doldrums of terrestrial life below him, that's when he felt the happiest.  And when he finally reached outer space?  He would have liked to die from the joy.  (Of note, the song was written as a sort of smart-aleck response to David Gilmour being late to recording sessions because he'd been getting his pilot's license and was so obsessed with flying.  So naturally it fits with Cid's single-minded mentality with achieving his dream.)

The Beatles - Eleanor Rigby (Shera's theme)  [ lyrics ]
It's not easy being a wallflower.  Sometimes Shera thinks that life's passing her by and that she'll be some sort of demented spinster, endlessly tinkering on airships and making tea with a crotchety old man instead of having a dozen cats and a room buried under handmade doilies.  She looks outside the window of that little house in Rocket Town sometimes and can't help but wonder what life is like for the other half.  There's suffering and so much pain in the world, and she wonders if there's anything she could do to fix it, and to leave her mark on the world so she won't be forgotten.  Yet when Cid stomps in from working all day on his latest project hollering for his tea it occurs to her that she wouldn't want to be anywhere else but here.

Tea For Two - the complete zip file (45.3 MB, all 10 songs)

copyright junk:
Images from, modified with textures by iconographer.  Image of Cid and Shera is most likely from a doujinshi - I scoured the damned internet for it to no avail, only to have it turn up on 4chan of all places, just when I was about to give up.  Fonts are Georgia and Doctor.  Songs are used without permission from their owners, and I own these CDs - if you don't, please delete after 24 hours and buy the actual CD, blah blah blah.  I don't own Cid and Shera (because for how much I love Shera, I doubt I'd share him with her </fangirl>) and all that.  I can barely afford smokes and my monthly WoW subscription, so plz to not be sueing me.

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