May 6th, 2007

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ain't nobody's business if I bark like a dog;

[a Jet Black fan soundtrack]

More proof that I need a job and to see sunlight more!  It is with a heavy dose of nerdy pride that I present my second FST; a fan soundtrack for Jet Black, from the anime Cowboy Bebop - coincidentally enough my favorite character on the show since the beginning.  Ten songs of a not-so-varying genre (read: classic rock and blues) that I've either used in conjunction with drawings or graphics, or in RP of Jet.  Either way, they all remind me of Jet or some aspect of the Black Dog's personality and past.  Yes, I listen to 'weird' music.  Don't like it?  Make yer own damn FST.  Songs are uploaded to Mediafire in .mp3 format and should be properly tagged and such.  This is also of no affiliation with fst or the like.  I'm just your average fantard.  :B  With that having been said:

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Originally posted May 16th, 2007. Re-posted to keep it behind my friends-only banner. What, I'm not anal or anything.